This a story in the Rise of Balans Saga.

Chapter 1 - Myths and Truth Edit

The ship sailing under the banner of the Balance Empire. They had been sent by the Balance Empire to find the mythical continent known as Mortia.

"Do you think something will come out of this expedition?" one sailor asked.

"Nope, just a bunch of baloney" said another.

"Well I'm fine as long as there are more drinks to be had" another said.

"Let's have a toast to this journey, and to more drinks!" one said.

The cups all clanked together and the group drank.

"STOP DRINKING!" The captain shouted.

The sailors grumbled and set down the drinks.

From the Crow's Nest they heard: "Cap, I found land, a lot of land, as well as a port."

"Your kidding right" the Captain said.

"Nope I'm not kiddin' cap" the person responded back.

"Ok in which direction is it in?" the Captain asked.

"In front of you" the person said.

Indeed there was a port but not any that they had seen before. It had giant, metal ships docked that produced smoke from metal chimneys. As if it couldn't get any stranger the people were also holding some metal and wood stick with a hole in it.

"What is this? a dream?" one said in disbelief.

"This my friend is Mortia" the Captain said.

"What but... but it doesn't exist" one of the sailors said

"Well look Johnny boy, it does now" another sailor said.

Chapter 2 - Landing Edit

They docked in port, the people were giving them strange looks.

A person asked where they were from and they replied.

"We are from Inamorta" they replied.

"That's a myth" someone from the crowd said.

"Your land is myth" the Captain said back.

"What! You're crazy!" said someone different in the crowd.

People began muttering among themselves about the strange people who were saying things about their mythical homeland.

"Set sail back home" the Captain said.

"Aye aye Cap" the steerer said.

They left Mortia...