Write the first paragraph of your page here. This is about the view of the citizens of after the fall of chaos


It was 5 years since medusa died the marrowkai and dark knights were exiled to the surrounding islands, the giants were caged and enclosed in a special territory, zombies were killed instantly, the few wingdons all fled from the island as well. The magikill and speartons began dividing up the land. The magikill got the best places then second the speartons. The magikill began to study the marrowkai spells and abilities to further increase their knowlage. A few dark knights have been hinding in the mountain ranges of the order empire, they were part of chaos which would provide them with lots of food now had to survive by eating crawlers the animals that once fought by the knights now are the animals that the knights eat.


You may of thought that any person or thing that was working for chaos was punished but not all of them were. The enslaved miners were unchained from their shackles and the some bombers were rehabilitated so they don't crave death and distruction and was able to live normaly like everyone else.


As the order empire grew it needed food to feed it's large population. Farmland was running out and the herds of grazing livestock could not survive long in the plains of westwind. Some people have noticed how the dark knights have survived by eating crawlers but when one bit into it they all vomited with the bad taste and rough meat it was inedible. people kept looking for more food. After one year food prices sky rocketed the only few people who could get good food were the wealthy and powerful, such as the speartons and magikill. The archidons had to get food by hunting so did the swordwrath and any other low paying laborer. One day a giant escaped and they all killed it. The swordwrath were very unsuccessful in hunting so they cut the giant up and ate it. The giants that once was a man eater became prey for man it had seemed that the food chain has been flipped. Once the magikill heard ahout this they began to work harder to get more food for their citizens

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