Cadenceky Madist
Cadenceky wearing lame Clothes and a robber's mask
Vital statistics
Position Criminal
Age 23
Status Stuck in Green Death's body and then killed
Physical attributes
Height 209 cm
Weight 71 kg
Cadenceky is the Alter Ego of the Green Death.


Cadenceky Madist was a criminal who belonged to the tribals who lived outside Archidon and Swordwrath. He got exiled was promised he could return only when the threat of Mutt was eliminated. Cadenceky Traveled to Pertland and met General Cross. Cadenceky helps in capturing the Mutt knowing that one day Wayne would get up, he asks Rob to inject him with the Mutt's Blood. Rob does so after adding a suppressing serum to the blood which results Cadenceky to permanantly be stuck in the Green Death's body.

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