This wiki has multiple factions that help keep this wiki alive. Please see below for more details

NOTICE: These requirements are now official to be promoted. Some people may not have these requirements, but they were promoted by an Admin or Bureaucrat.

Alternative accounts / controlled "bots" Edit

This is a list of accounts run by another user for a certain purpose

False Herotodus - Pax Orderia for Admin Training and blocking

Stormspear - Icestormshadow for Roleplay guise(no longer in use)

Voidbolt - Firehammer2004 for Roleplay guise

Editor Edit

Editors are anyone who contribute to this wiki - they have no real power, but they can vote on styles and big changes for the wiki, as well as reach out to higher factions for change and improvements

Noticable Editors:

Firehammer2004 (71 edits and semi-active)

Pax Orderia (1,563 edits and active)

GAK16 (673 edits and active)

Icestormshadow (320 edits and active)

Chat Moderator Edit

The Chat Moderators of this wiki are supposed to moderate chat rooms. In order to be one of the chat moderators, you must:

  • Have 150+ edits
  • Made 3 blog posts
  • Communicated to a Chat Moderator or Admin about a bad post (This post cannot be from you)


Follow these guidelines and you will be a Chat Moderator! Contact the Admin(s) when you have fulfilled these requirements on his blog page

Current Chat Moderators:


Discussions Moderator Edit

Discussions Moderators of this wiki should moniter the general discussion. Anything in the "fun and games" category is most likely a roleplay scenario, so don't worry about it; Admins will watch it. To be this rank, you must:

  • Have over 200+ edits
  • Have made 5 blog posts
  • Reported a discussions post or 3 bad comment posts

Moderator Edit

As a moderator, you should be checking big pages on this wiki and stories for things that need links. You are also responsible for checking at least 1 page a week for categories such as stub or candidate for deletion. In order to be a moderator, you must:

  • Have over 300+ edits
  • Made 5 blog posts
  • Helped clean up a page by deleting it or adding links

An Admin can automatically promote someone to a moderator if he has over 150 edits and is a chat moderator.

Current Moderators:


Administrator(Admin) Edit

As an admin, your job is to make sure that all of the other factions are doing their job right and to update the poll and the front page when needed. You also need to have frequent blog posts updating the people on this wiki of your status. In order to be an admin, you must:

  • Have over 400+ edits
  • Made 10 blog posts
  • Been recommended by a previous admin and/or bureaucrat or adopted this wiki

Current Admins:


Pax Orderia

False Herotodus (Pax Orderia's Admin training account)

Bureaucrat Edit

A Bureaucrat is a highly recognized and established member of this wiki. You must:

  • Have over 500+ edits
  • Made 15 blog post
  • Been promoted by the current bureaucrat(s)

Current Bureaucrat:

Pax Orderia