Grifo Odilombar was a Great Knight known for his rebellious tendencies and hatred of authority. He was not of noble birth, nor did he go through the process of becoming a knight, and was only willing to fight to pardon himself for an instance of theft in which he was arrested. Although not a hardened criminal, Grifo enjoyed committing any act to sabotage the Great Knights, despite his innumerable punishments for doing so. The only reason Grifo remained alive was due to Pepin's leniency on the Eclipse Expedition, as his behaviour should have resulted in his execution by capital punishment.

When Kirev became commander of the expedition, he sent Grifo on a solo scouting mission towards the Chaos camp, expecting him to defect. He was quickly captured by Chaos and willingly joined them, giving them information about the morale and conditions among the men. However, when he refused to give away any further information, citing that he would require payment for doing so, the impatient Chaos commander knocked him out and kept him imprisoned for interrogation. Due to his previous experiences of punishment by Pepin, he succeeded in escaping unscathed, but accidentally caught the attention of a large Chaos patrol. While running away, he crossed paths with Pepin, Vince and their detachment, who had just retreated from fighting Kirev (at this point, he had been revealed to be Lord Verick). Rather than answering their questions, he calmly asked for a bribe, stating that he had no intention of helping them "without decent cause", referring to money. They rejected his offer, leading to Grifo taunting Pepin for his weakness, indecisiveness and blind loyalty. As a result, the already mentally unstable Pepin broke down once again and hurled an axe directly into Grifo's face, splitting it in half, and tearing it out again to fully decapitate him.