Unit Stats
Vital statistics
Position Chaos
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Malum is a crazy, death-obssessed Marrokai who loves to "experiment" (torture) with his victums in order to create the perfect unit for chaos. No one really knows where this twisted soul came from, but many fear the mere mention of his name. In Chaos, he is best-known for creating the deads. Malum met his end to a courageous young Spearton who, without any concern for his own saftey, charged through ranks and ranks of crawlers and deads before snapping the necromancer's staff (simeltaneously disabling all the deads and other beings of dark magic as well as every shred of Melam's power) and decapitating his bony head. The head in question is now a prominent feature of the Order Museum of Warfare and Natural History.

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