Negus Tolip is the protagonist of The Last Wingidon, in which the story is told from his perspective, and later a secondary character in Eclipse of the Knights.

Life as a RovalianEdit

Negus Tolip was a teenage prince of the House of Tolip, one of the multiple ruling clans in Rovaltinny, which the upper classes usually referred to as "Jantu", while the lower classes named it "Wings". His father was the King of Rovaltinny at the time of his childhood, but due to the lack of hereditary rights of succession meant that Negus still enjoyed the privileges of a prince, but was completely free to explore his kingdom at will, and would consequently fly throughout Rovaltinny, mostly with his best friend Hegul. Both of them would train consistently in the hope that one day they would be able to join the army upon the legible age of 18, especially as Negus had very little prospect of becoming King upon his father's death. 

It was on one of these ventures in the mountains of East Rovaltinny when Negus and Hegul encountered the first Chaos invasion forces, who were actually part of a decoy assault to divert and starve out a large part of the Rovalian army, and Hegul was killed. The Chaos plan succeeded, and Negus was present when Chaos conquered Rovaltinny, occupying the capital city of Roval in a rapid assault which cut up the Rovalian Army. As a consequence, he was captured by the Chaos forces, who executed his father before Negus himself was mutated into a proto-Eclipsor. 

Life as a Proto-EclipsorEdit

Following his mutation, Negus became one of the many thousands of young Rovalians that would serve as an experimental Eclipsor mutations for the growing Chaos military, at the time known simply as the Undead Army due to their troop composition of primarily "dead" units, such as the Deads themselves. They were first deployed against the Eclipse Expedition, ironically the Great Knight expedition sent to aid them, and inflicted heavy casualties during an assault to relieve their pretender king Ashangul, and against an advancing Great Knight column in conjunction with a huge Chaos ground assault.

Negus was involved in the latter mission, picking off targets from above when a hunting arrow took him down, albeit with his wings intact, and knocked his mask off. This arrow was in fact fired from Amharia, Negus' illegitimate younger half-sister. When he emerged with his bow ready to fire, Amharia recognised him and attempted to provoke some sort of memory to get him to return to his original state. This attempt was in vain however, and despite the hesitation which this caused in Negus' mind, the shot was still fired and Vectiam, Amharia's Great Knight guardian, was killed protecting her. In the aftermath, Negus retreated with the rest of the Chaos forces.