The New Empires Saga is set around the forming of the Space Empire and the Elemental and Chaos Empires before their founders died or were killed. The timeline is set about 2000 years after the Battle at Snake's End. This saga by GAK16 also shows the revived Great Knights and Serpentine Empires which were revived by the scientists of the Space Empire. This saga will not be finished for a long time, but updates will come constantly. This saga may also tie into a roleplay scenario.

Story List (Descriptions covered for Spoilers - continue at your own risk) Edit

Book 1: A War For Balance Edit

This first book to this epic saga centers around the forming of the Elemental Empire before V took over and the Chaos Empire before Medusa murders Caldicot and uses her magic to turn Marik into the first Marrowkai, Crawe into the first Crawler, and Kensu into the first Dead.

Book 2: From the Sky Edit

The Space Empire arrives on Earth and starts to find the remains of bodies from the Battle at Snake's End. They take the bodies and show the true power of their empire in the next story.

Book 3: Revival Edit

The Space Empire revives the Great Knights and the Serpentine. They use these two empires and attack Westland.

Book 4: Battles of the New Empires Edit

Seeing the destruction, the Order, Chaos, and Elemental Empires team up to defeat the Space Empire with the combined power of the Great Knights and Serpentine

Book 5: The Great Fall Edit

After the final battle, things are crumbling. Medusa takes over the Chaos Empire. V has risen up in power over the leaders of the Elemental Empire. The Order faces a powerful new rebellion. The Space Empire may be defeated, but there are more challenges to come...

Book 6: Locked Away Edit

With the 3 most powerful weapons in Inamorta in their hands, the 3 empires each take their weapon and vow to hide it and keep it safe for all of time. This will explain the weapons, and the powerful story coming soon...