Project Story is a Staff Approved Project.

Project Story - Overview Edit

This project is the primary purpose of this wiki: to write a story! Obviously, writing a story relevant to Inamorta, but you can be as creative as you like in your content. Just click on the "Add New Page" icon at the top right-hand corner of the page, write your title in, and begin writing your own epic story!

Current Active Stories (these can be found in the top navigation): Edit

Current Sagas/Series (these can also be found in the top navigation) Edit

Perhaps you were so fully engrossed in the world you created in your first story, so you wanted to explore it further? Well then, here are all the book series that have so far been confirmed by active writers, who decided to take this step onwards!

Regulations and Standards: Edit

While you can be as creative as you like, please do conform at least to these rules:

  • No lewd descriptive scenes - the average age of SE players isn't that old, probably around 12 or 13, so please be considerate and don't put any of these in.
    • With regards to this, you can do as much violent descriptions as you want, since any one who has seen the front page should know of the basis of Stick Empires as a game about war.
  • Swearing - no strong foul language, if you really want to use a certain swear word, then at the very least censor it with *** covering the other letters, or symbols such as #!@$. Alternatively, you could just say "he swore" or something similar.
  • Relevance - make sure that your story is related to the Stick War series in at least one aspect, whether it be Inamorta, new or existing factions etc. You could craft a complex seven-way civil war or an entire build up to a genocide between two kingdoms (Pax Orderia's ideas), and as long as it is set in Inamorta with relevance to the existing lore, you can write it here!