Queen medusa
Queen Medusa about to freeze her artist for an ugly Painting
Vital statistics
Position Queen
Age about 2000
Status Dead

(Killed by Rook and Seeker)

Physical attributes
Height 360 cm
Weight 120 kg

(She is a Giant afterall)

Queen Medusa is the Queen of Chaos.


Medusa belonged to the party of those who escaped from the continents and landed in Inamorta along with her brothers Searton and Gerant. oneday in a fight Meds got killed seprating the group into 2 parties north and south.Medusa got resurected after Searton got trapped in an other demension and Gerant froze to death.She bagan conquering her groups members lands as soon as they died and began calling herself Medusa.Then oneday Order re-entered Chaos territory...........


  • She is the second Canon character.

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