Chapter 1 Falcon gazed out from the window in his stinking Apprentice's hideout at the Full Shadowraths, gliding over the dead leaves and twigs so easily. He never thought that one day, he would be one of them. As for now, he was as clumsy as ever.

"Wake up, Falcon." His master, Weed, slashed him in the back. Pain seared through Falcon and he fell to the ground.

"Get up! Show me how to hold the staff again."

Falcon wasn't really paying attention as he absently picked up the staff in both hands and swung it around with no grace at all. He was thinking about the Shinobi. Then he slammed himself on the face with the staff.

Curses to it!


"Falcon, I have always suspected you of being mentally disabled, but I never realised you were physically disabled as well... Typical of your family." Weed sneered.

"Hey, master! Look at me! I can do it so well!" Thistle called out from behind the master. He proceeded to swing his ebony staff around in figure-eights that Falcon became red in the face.

How will I ever get better!?

"Master, you should ignore those who have no hope to learn and instead use your efforts wisely on those who are obviously much better." He grinned pointingly at himself. Weed didn't say anything, but he sneered at Falcon. Falcon felt such a buildup of rage that he let out a scream and lashed his staff out at Thistle's head. Thistle crumpled.

"Well well well... Falcon, I believe you have just attacked another member of your clan? Maybe we should have killed you for treason after all..." Weed chuckled. "At least now we know who the enemy of this clan is..."

I hate you.

Falcon glared at Weed. He stamped his foot.

"Ah, no discipline at all, have we, Falcon? Better learn how to control your emotions."