Rook Ex
Rook with his sword behind his neck
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Elite Squadron WOI
Age 24
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 199 cm
Weight 77 kg
Rook Ex ​ is the protogonist of WOI.


Rook's real name is Jack but every one refer to him as Altos being his royal name. Jack was born 20 years before the conquering. Rook runs away from home to fight for Order. He finds his missing sister, Dawn  and makes friends such as Jay, cheif of the Archidonal Tribe of Pierce. rook rises in position from being a lowly soldier to The Head of the superior of the 2 elite group, Warriors Of Inamorta. From being a sissy Rook becam a tough soldier who understands the heat of battle. Rook has 2 titles, each for an achivement. 'Giant Slayer'  for killing the Giant of Wonders and 'Antidote' For finishing Medusa of with the help of his friend, Seeker. Rook has seen betrayal like when Ghlim joins the rebellion and then Chaos and Hertz being a spy for Queen Medusa.


  • Till date Rook is the only Character to be promoted twice.
  • Rook was the first Character in Exsitance.

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