Rovaltinny, also known as "Wings" in the native Rovalian tongue, is a nation located in North-West Cranium (Northern Inamorta - the skull shaped regions), north of the Eclipsor Kingdom. The population consists primarily of winged beings who call themselves "Wingidons", although they are referred to as Rovalians by the Great Knights, and are believed to be an offshoot of the more sophisticated race of Theryn that inhabit the Eagle Mountains, and are also much more numerous than the latter.

Although it is unknown when Rovaltinny was formed, it is known that Great Knight and Havik explorers discovered them and forged an alliance, although it was relatively impractical due to the distance between the two powers. Sheltered by the Twilight Mountains on the majority of its borders, its main weakness was from the South-East, near the capital of Roval, where there was an expansive gap in the mountain range. It was from there that Medusa's armies entered and conquered Rovaltinny.

When threatened by Chaos, the Rovalians called on the Great Knights, who fielded an expedition force of approximately 3,100 soldiers in total, to aid them. Unfortunately, this aid did not arrive in time, as upon their arrival, most of Eastern Rovaltinny had been conquered and its population converted into Eclipsors, similar to their southern neighbours. As a result, the Great Knight expedition force and a few reinforcing Havik contingents were forced to retreat, saving a few Rovalians, and evacuate now knowing that Chaos would come for them.