Samson is one of the first Juggerknights, and, as a result, one of the last great knights left in existance. Though he tries to hide it, he finds no enjoyment in tortmenting prisoners and enemies the way his younger bretheren do, preferring to train himself into the perfect warrior instead. Because of his early recruitment and immense power, Medusa has him instruct many of the younger generations of Juggerknights since none of his colleagues have the capability nor desire to do so. Samson is stubbornly loyal and devoted, and prefers death to dishonoring his promises. Samson fought in several battles against Order, finally succumbing to his wounds during the final stage of the last war. According to reports, even though he was on the verge of death, Samson still managed to slaughter an entire battalion of Swordwraths, and a several Speartons and Shadowraths were required to finally send this stubborn warrior to whatever afterlife he believed awaited him (undoubtedly, he found it and rests easy nowadays).


Rank Trainer
Race Great Knight Juggerknight

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