This is about a spearton's life and when the chaos and order war began


One day I woke up from sleep. I was training to become a spearton. I grabbed my sheild and spear and ran onto the training arena. Today I had to fight decoyswordwraths they attacked and I stabbed in the neck, then I sliced one's leg off and thrusted my spear through the chest. The trainer told me I was ready. I was fighting in west wind and we were trying to take our land back

Battle at WestwindEdit

The Magikill leader had ordered us to fight order in a last attempt to regain our homeland we needed to defeat order. Swordwraths came at me but i stabbed one and the others retreated. Archidons fired arrows at us but I blocked the arrows with my sheild then a shadowrath ran pass me, and killed a meric. I killed that shadowrath suddenly order charged and distryed any obstical in their way the agikill leader ordered a full retreat.

The order-chaos war begins.Edit

We were forced to hide in very harsh places sincee order defeated our last attempt. Then a man came running in saying that there is a new enemy. It was chaos a empire full of monsters lead by medusa. The magikill leader had joined up with order to defeat chaos. They were able to defeat the giants and bombers but they needed more men for the juggerknight battle. I signed up. In the battlefeild I saw tall solders swing axes. I ran to the front only to see in horrer a swordwrath having his head split wide open. I charged and stabbed that juggerknight. He swung his axe at me but my helmit took the damage and then I jabbed my spear but he blocked it with his sheild. Then the juggerknight smashed his ax on my sheild and we both were pushed back. I jumpped into the air and with my spear I plunged it deepinto his thick throat and pulled it out dripping with blood.