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Welcome to the Stick Empire Fan Stories WikiEdit

what is Stick Empires? Stick Empires is a online virtual world created by Jason Whitman, and of Course the great Crazy Jay.

This wiki is dedicated to Fan ideas of Stories of the Game, Factions, etc.

Here you will see messages from Mr. Shadow. Mr Shadow is the official Mascot of the wiki.

While you are here why not Check out the Stick Empires Wikia run by TheRealJuiceBox. It's worth it.

This game is not for children below the age of 7.

Describe your topicEdit

The Wiki is all about your Stick Empires and Wars fan stories. It is basically a stick Library.

Put your Battles in the Battle Oaths page. If you need help for names check the Stick names page. And While you are here sent ideas for Stick war 3.

Featured PollEdit

This changes every week.

Who is the most psycotic Killer?

The poll was created at 11:49 on May 30, 2013, and so far 42 people voted.

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Featured ArticleEdit

Kill was part of a high class family ruling a village. His family had been rivals with another high class family known as the 'more....'

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Commander Den1

Den Ready to stab

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Stick Empires Wiki[1]

Stick Empires Game Guide[2]


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