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GAK16's Conception and Pax Orderia's: Edit

New empires: 3 new empires: Space Empire, Great Knight Empire, and Serpentine Empire

Great Knights Empire:

  • Halberdier - Mêlée infantry: Halberdiers use a halberd, a very versatile type of polearm with an axe-like attachment at the top, and are effective against armoured units such as Knights, but weak against ranged units as they themselves lack any armour or shields.
  • Skirmishers - Light ranged: Skirmishers use light hunting bows and a javelin, used to soften up enemy formations for heavy infantry to then smash through.
  • Knight - Tank, mêlée infantry: Knights are the backbone of the Great Knight military, armed with heavy shields and one-handed axes, as well as an arming sword as a sidearm, and are used to directly charge against enemy lines.
  • Esoteric Exile - Ranged spellcaster: Esoteric exiles are followers of Magikill who were exiled for their research into deviating forms of magic, and now serve as guardians of artifacts the Great Knights reclaimed and archived. They use a variety of spells, such as physical illusions, which appear as invincible beasts and fight actively for several seconds, or projections, which can either flash masses of enemies or cause them to rout (so they cannot be controlled until they reach the castle), at which point they are completely vulnerable and cannot fight.
  • Axe-thrower - Heavy ranged, support: Axe-throwers use two types of axes - the tomahawk and the francisca. The tomahawk is a lighter, multi-purpose axe used to target specific enemies, while the francisca has a heavier blade and a shorter handle, being designed to shatter enemy lines and cohesion.
  • Mounted Knights - Heavy cavalry, speed: Mounted Knights serve as heavy cavalry, with armour, and large horses. They are most effective when charging, which can also shatter enemy cohesion at certain weak points with their sheer mass, but their main advantage is cycle charging, where knights can charge, escape before their enemy can recover and charge again at the same point, causing more damage.
  • Juggernaut - Giant, tank infantry, AOE damage: Juggernauts are the elite component of the Great Knights army, wearing characteristically spiked armour to plough through enemy formations. While charging, Juggernauts are almost impossible to stop and are capable of breaking through any line, as well as having very heavy armour. However, they are also very slow when not charging and during retreats, are usually more vulnerable.
  • Theryn Hunter - Flying ranged, can perform mêlée: The Theryn are a race of stickmen with eagle-like wings who are capable of flying and are allied with the Great Knights. Theryn Hunters use bows or crossbows, but another characteristic is their ability to drop down directly on enemies with two blades, which can almost instantly kill their target.
  • Kyrie - Flying Melee-ranged: Kyrie are elite knights with increased speed and increased health; Uses smoke bombs to stun enemy troops and create fog of war when troops are retreating - Uses Sword when arrows are deplenished, swooping down and picking out enemy lines
  • Miner - Support, mines gold and prays for mana, can construct a spike pit hidden from the enemy which will ensnare and damage them severely while stunning them, for one time use.

Advantages: The Great Knights have multiple units capable of charging and stunning the enemy, and almost all their frontline units are heavily armoured, making them well protected against regular projectile fire and giving them high endurance against their opponents.

Disadvantages: Despite their high health and armour, Great Knights are particularly vulnerable to poison effects and burn, since they lack frontline healers and have to rely on garrisoning their troops to heal them. On longer maps, this can be particularly frustrating, especially if the opponent has a lot of poisoning units, more specifically, the Gorgon. In addition, heavier troops, with the exception of the Knights and Mounted Knights, are particularly vulnerable to being pursued due to their slow speed while not charging. Their units are also more expensive and less numerous as they take up a higher population.

Space Empire:

  • Glorf - Miner and prayer that evolves from Slime Warrior
  • Slime Warrior - Melee warrior that encases the troop that killed the warrior in slime, imobilizing them for 3 seconds (The troop can still be attacked) (Effect does not work on flying or large troops[Supersized(Elemental Empire Spell) or tank])
  • Space Archer - Ranged attacker that shoots stun arrows every 4 arrows; When armor is destroyed, Space Archer turns into a stun turret with 1 health bar
  • Legion Strike - Spell that requires at least 3 space archers and up to 5 - space archers' arrows become plasma arrows that inflict burn and stun; Archer fire rate increases; lasts for 3 seconds
  • Mage - Ranged Spellcaster- Mages are more advanced than Magikill and Infernos, as they have unlocked Shard, an ice version of Vastolis that uses freeze. Mages are also capable of casting a 'Blind Gate II' spell with a castle upgrade. It works the same as the original blind gate from the elemental empire, but enemy troops can go through it, stunning them for 3 seconds - Blind Gate II lasts for 10 seconds
  • Deku - Deku are tanks that spawn Deku Babies (Similar to a Slime Warrior, but has less health and damage). Dekus become a ranged enemy troop on the enemies side when they die. (Order, Archidon/Allbowtross[1/10 chance]; Chaos, Dead/Eclipsor[1/10 chance]; Elemental, Fire/Infernos[1/10 chance]; Great Knights, Exile/Hunter[1/10 chance]; Serpentine, Cobartillery/Elapids[1/10 chance])
  • Space Knight - A more powerful version of a Knight from the Great Knights Empire; uses a concentrated energy sword - throws the sword at 1/2 health and draw 2 throwing hunting knives, throwing them - then can take out a plasma bow. Weakness: Can be swarmed
  • Destroyer - Elite melee troops that use double plasma stun knives wrecking havoc among enemy lines
  • Kenstha - Flying ranged - Kenstha have plasma crossbows that are modified to shoot arrows faster than normal and shoot plasma arrows with stun and increased damage every 5 arrows

Serpentine Empire:

  • Biter - Support - Mines for gold and prays to the statue for mana; Can construct poisoned miner wall with castle upgrade [Serpent Miner Wall]
  • Serpent Warrior - Melee warrior who poisons the enemy who kill the warrior upon death with blue poison (Blue poison is regular poison except it wears off after 5 seconds [3 damage cycles])
  • Cobartillery - light ranged who shoots poison arrows with castle ability
  • Dirvish - Light infantry, capable of self-sacrificial suicide: Dirvishes are usually equipped with short spears, tridents or short swords, given their diminutive stature, and some are armed with gunpowder sacks, which they can light to explode themselves, essentially becoming a suicide bomber.
  • Gorgon, a spellcaster has purple snake poison, which deals more damage and is more constant than regular poison. Purple poison can also spread throughout enemy ranks - purple poison wears off after 7 seconds if the troop is not dead
  • Serpenight - Axe-armed melee with high damage and medium health - Upgrade for purchase to make a mounted Serpenight
  • Sneake - A sneaky melee warrior who has a castle ability (Serpenobi I + II) that can cloak him to expolde with poison behind enemy lines (Dies when Serpenobi is used to spread Poison)
  • Elite Elipsor - Flying ranged with high health and normal damage that turns into a Serpent warrior when the wing health is deplenished
  • Snakint - Heavy health melee that turns into a Biter upon death
  • Spitting Elapids - Light ranged, poison and flash damage: Spitting elapids are cobras which are capable of spitting venom, which does little physical damage, but if it enters the eyes, it can blind a person, as well as poisoning their bloodstream if it enters any wounds.

New troops for original Stick Empires Empires:

Order: Kageki - a troop that uses a staff infused with the powers of flames

For Chaos: Elite Juggerknight - a juggerknight that has common sense, so it has more health, more damage and more sensibility, however it is slower

For Elemental: Wingidon - revived using V's power, Wingidons act like Eclipsors except they have armor, meaning increased health, and stronger wings, which means increased speed

New gameplay:

  • Updated control bar and controls
    • New "scout" mode that will take your weakest troop and place it near the center tower - if enemy troops occupy the tower, all troop will swarm the tower
    • New spells available in any empire from the bar on the right - disappears when troop selected
      • Fireball - Sends out a fireball that does AoE with high damage
      • Zap - Stuns all troops in AoE and does small damage
      • Arrow Volley - Large AoE with medium damage
      • Rocket - Maximuin Damage with small AoE
      • Roller - High damage hitting everything in it's path on the ground only
      • Freeze - Freezes the 2 highest enemy troops and the lowest enemy troop for 5 seconds
    • Castle ability updates - Now at least 2 ranks for all upgrades (except miner buildings)
  • Updated Troop capacity; New ranks that can be upgraded for eCoins
    • Regular - 100 troops (Free)
    • Upgrade 1 - 120 troops (200 eCoins)
    • Upgrade 2 - 150 troops (600 eCoins)
  • New castle abilities corresponding new empires and troops
  • New effects (Bold effects = from Stick Empires 1 / Stick Wars 2)
    • Poison - continuous (1/8 bar)
      • Blue Poison (Wears off after 5 seconds [3 damage cycles])
      • Green poison (regular poison that can be cured with garrison)
      • Purple Poison (poison with extra damage that cannot be cured but wears off after 7 seconds [5 damage cycles])
    • Burn - continuous damage (1/4 bar)
      • Orange Burn (Regular Burn that can be cured with garrison)
      • Red Burn (Spreads from troop to troop for 3 troops - regular damage)
      • Blue Burn (Extra damage and cannot be cured but wears off after 5 seconds)
    • Freeze - Temporary
      • Water Freeze (Regular Freeze on elemental troop Water - melts after 5 seconds)
      • Ice Freeze (Regular freeze with added spreading power and does a small amount of damage - melts after 5 seconds)
      • Spell Freeze (Ice Freeze with more damage - last 3 seconds)
    • Flash - Temporary
      • Flash (blindness troops for 3 seconds)

New trait gameplay mechanic: Each troop is assigned an element, regardless of the empire. The elements are:

  • Speed (Shadowrath, Bomber, Cycloid, Mounted Knight, Dirvishes,
  • Strength (Enslaved Giant, Giant, Charrcog, Great Juggernaut, Snakint, Deku)
  • Elite (Kageki, Elite Juggernaut, Wingidon, Kyrie, Sneake, Destroyer)
  • Magic (Magikill, Medusa, Infernos, Esoteric Exile, Gorgon, Mage)
  • Power (Spearton, Chaos Juggernaut, Treature, Knight, Serpnight, Space Knight)
  • Ranged ( Archidon, Dead, Fire, Axe Thrower, Cobartillery, Space Archer)
  • Support (Meric, Marrowkai, Water, Skirmishers, Spitting Elapids, Legion Strike)
  • Melee (Swordrath, Crawler, Earth, Halberdier, Serpent Warrior, Slime Warrior)
  • Flying (Allbowtross, Eclipsor, Air, Theryn Hunter, Elite Eclipsor, Kenstha)
  • Resource (Miner, Enslaved[Chaos] Miner, Chompler, Great Miner, Biter, Glorf)

These elements have certain bonuses.

New Style boost: certain styles for troops will provide a trait boost to the troop's attack.

  • Speed
    • Headwear to increase chance of doge (up to 40%)
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 20% damage increase)
    • Footwear(not visible) to increase overall speed (Up to 60% increase)
  • Strength
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 60%)
    • Headwear to increase health (Up to 30%)
  • Elite
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 40%)
    • Footwear(Not Visible) to increase speed (Up to 40%)
    • Armor/Robes to increase health (Up to 50%)
  • Magic
    • Robes to increase health (Up to 20%)
    • Staffs to increase damage and rate of cast (Up to 40% and 10%)
  • Power
    • Armor to increase health (Up to 40%)
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 60%)
    • Headwear to increase stun resistance (Up to 10%)
  • Ranged
    • Projectiles to increase damage (Up to 30%)
    • Headwear to increase health (Up to 30%)
    • Thrower/Bow to increase rate or fire and amounts of axes/arrows thrown/fired (Up the 10% and up to +5 projectiles)
  • Support
    • Staff to increase area of effect (Up to 10%)
    • Robes to increase health (Up to 30%)
    • Gauntlets to increase healing power (Up to 10%)
  • Melee
    • Weapons/Gauntlets to increase damage (Up to 50%)
    • Armor to increase health (Up to 20%)
  • Flying
    • Wing Upgrade to increase speed (Up to 40%)
    • Armor to increase health (Up to 20%)
    • Projectile/Attack upgrades to increase damage (Up to 30%)
  • Resource
    • Collection size to increase amount of gold collect in one run (Up to 30%)
    • Mining tool sharpness to increase production rate (Up to 30%)
    • Headwear to increase health (Up to 10%)

New level track:

Tutorial - Unlocks Speartons

Lvl 1: Rebels - Archidons Declare War - Archidons, Swordraths, Miners - Unlocks Archidon

Lvl 2: Escape and Rebuild - Shadowrath Declare War - Shadowrath, Miners - Unlocks Shadowrath

Lvl 3: Magic in the air - Magikill and Merics Declare War - Magikill, Merics, Miners - Unlocks Magikill and Swordrath

Lvl 4: Ranged Rebuilt - Allbowtross Declare War - Allbowtross, Swordraths, Miners, Archidons - Unlocks Allbowtross / Flying Crossbowman

Lvl 4: Rebel Union - Rebels Declare War - Swordraths, Archidons, Speartons, Magikill, Merics, Shadowrath, Allbowtross, Miners - Unlocks first 2 common spells: Fireball and Arrow Volley

Lvl 5: The Final Rebellion - Medusa and the Chaos Empire Declare War - Giant, Bombers, Cutscene - Unlocks Enslaved Giant; Unlocks Chaos Empire; Unlocks Bombers and Giant

Lvl 6: Strong in Swarms - Crawlers Unleashed - Crawlers, Miners - Crawlers - Unlocks Crawlers; Cannot combine and other Chaos troops into one empire, and vice versa with other empires

Lvl 7: Fear the Undead - Deads Unleashed - Crawlers, Deads, Miners - Unlocks Deads

Lvl 8: Armored Behemoths - Chaos Juggernauts Unleashed - Chaos Juggernauts, Bombers, Crawers, Miners - Unlocks Chaos Juggernauts

Lvl 9: The Last Wingidon Destroyed - Eclipsors Unleashed - Juggernauts, Bombers, Eclipsors, Miners - Unlocks 3rd common spell: Zap

Lvl 10: The One Left - Marrowkai Unleashed - Marrowkai, Juggernauts, Eclipsors, Crawlers, Miners - Unlocks Marrowkai

Lvl 11: Medusa's Castle - The Full Chaos Empires - Marrowkai, Juggernauts, Eclipsors, Bombers, Crawlers, Deads, Giants, Gorgons(New), Medusa(Boss) - Unlocks Medusa - Non-boss and completes the set of the Chaos Empire

Lvl 12: A New Empire is Approaching - Elemental Empire Declares War - Charcog, Cutscene - Unlocks 4th spell: Roller; Unlocks the Elemental Empire - Same rule applies as Chaos Empire

Lvl 13: Strong as the Mountain - Earth Unleashed - Earth, Chomplers - Unlocks Earth

Lvl 14: 4 Powers - Elements Unleashed - Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Chompler - Unlocks Elements

Lvl 15: Combinations are Powerful - Treatures Unleashed - Earth, Water, Treatures. Chomplers - Unlocks Treature

Lvl 16: Dragons of fire - Infernos Unleashed - Fire, Air, Infernos, Earth, Chompler - Unlocks Infernos

Lvl 17: Tornadoes from the sky - Cycloids Unleashed - Cycloids, Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Chompler - Unlocks Cycloid

Lvl 18: Rock-Hard Fire-Beasts - Charrogs Unleashed - Charrogs, Fire, Earth, Chompler - Unlocks Charrog

Lvl 19: The Power of 4 - V Unleashed - V, Charrogs, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Chomplers - Unlocks V

Lvl 20: The Elemental Homeland - V, Charrogs, Treatures, Infernos, Cycloids, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Chomplers - Unlocks the 5th common spell: Rocket

Cutscene: Space Empire + Revived Serpentine and Great Knights Empire now on earth - Continued in lvl 21

Lvl 21: Revived - Halberdiers Attack - Halberdiers, Great Miners - Unlocks Halberdier

Lvl 22: Spears Away! - Skirmishers Attack - Skirmishers, Great Miners - Unlocks Skirmisher

Lvl 23: Knight of the Revived Table - Knights Attack - Knights, Skirmishers, Halberdiers, Great Miners - Unlocks Knight

Lvl 24: Flying Axes! RUN! - Axe Throwers Attack - Axe Throwers, Knights, Great Miners

Lvl 25: Esoteric Return - Esoteric Exiles Attack - Esoteric Exiles, Knights, Axe Throwers, Great Miners - Unlocks Esoteric Exile

Lvl 26: Horses are angry - Mounted Knights Attack - Mounted Knights, Skirmishers, Great Miners - Unlocks Mounted Knights

Lvl 27: Spiked armor? - Juggernauts Attack - Juggernauts, Knights, Great Miners - Unlocks Great Juggernaut (Better than Chaos Juggernaut)

Lvl 28: Hunters of Prey - Theryn Hunters Attack - Theryn Hunters, Knights, Great MIners - Unlocks Theryn Hunters

Lvl 29: COUGH COUGH... Where did they go? - Kyrie Attack - Kyrie, Knights, Great Miners - Unlocks Kyrie

Lvl 30: Formations! - The Final Battle of the Great Knights - All Great Knight Troops, Cutscene - Unlocks Troop Capacity Upgrade 1 (+20 troop capacity)

Lvl 31: Sneaky serpents - Serpent Warriors attack - Serpent Warriors, Biters - Unlocks Serpent Warriors

Lvl 32: Snakes from the sky! - Cobrartillery attack - Cobrartillery, Serpent Warriors, Biters - Unlocks Cobrartillery

Lvl 33: Bombs Away! - Dirvishes Attack - Dirvishes, Cobrartillery, Serpent Warriors, Biters - Unlocks Dirvishes

Lvl 34: Sisters of Medusa - Gorgons Attack - Gorgons, Serpent Warriors, Dirvishes, Biters - Unlocks Gorgons

Lvl 35: The Sssstrongest - Serpenights Attack - Serpenights, Gorgons, Dirvishes, Biters - Unlocks Serpenights

Lvl 36: Where did that snake go? - Sneakes Attack - Sneakes, Serpenights, Dirvishes, Gorgons, Biters - Unlocks Sneake

Lvl 37: Elite Flyers - Elite Eclipsors Attack - Eclipsors, Serpnights, Dirvishes, Gorgons, Biters - Unlocks Elite Eclipsors

Lvl 38: GIANT SNAKES! - Snakints Attack - Snakints, Serpenights, Serpent Warriors, Cobrartillery, Biters - Unlocks Snakints

Lvl 39: Poison Spitters - Spitting Elapids attack - Spitting Elapids, Snakints, Gorgons, Dirvishes, Biters - Unlocks Spitting Elapids

Lvl 40: Poison for Snakes - The Final Battle of the Serpentine - All Serpentine Troops, Cutscene - Unlocks Final Spell: Freeze

Lvl 41: The Came From Above... - Slime Warriors Attack - Slime Warriors, Glorfs - Unlocks Slime Warriors