This story shows the death of the leader of Order, King Spear.

"Happy Birthday Your highness" I said.

Wait before I continue I have to say that I am Rook (The Leader of WOI) and I was invited to King Spear's Birthday party along with my best friend, Jay.

"Why thank you Rook" Spear replied.

After that the 3 of us along with Commander Zed stood chatting.

"Good Lord its time for the toast, see you later" Spear said and ran.

We took our places.

"Good Morning Ladies and Gentlestickmren, I thank you all for coming to my Birthday Party. But before we get started let us propose a toast to The Order National Army." Spear said and raised his glass.

We raised our glasses.

Suddenly, I noticed that for the first time in my life Spear wasn't wearing his armour.

"To ONA"Spear said.

"To ONA" Everyone said in union.

Then a man came to greet Spear, but instead of going close to him he stood 3 meters away and pulled is Bow an arrow out. The pierced Spear's hand.

Time suddenly started moving slower than usual.

About 30 Archidons gathered on the 1st floor and fired arrows at him.

Jay got up and finished off the first Archidon.

About 30 more arrows were gonna come but Zed and Den protected Spear with their shields.

"Die you morons!" Zed shouted and threw his shield at the first floor. About 4 Archidons fell from the roof.

"Rook" a super wheezy voice said.

I turned around and saw a dying Empreror Spear.

"Make Kelvin your leader" Spear said.

"Bad news for you Spear" a voice behind me said "Kelvin is the one who started the rebellion."

I turned around and saw Ghilm standing at the corner of the room.

Behind me Magikills were trying to increase Spear's breathing rate by using the Electric Wall.

"Help me Ghilm" Den shouted.

"Gladly" said Ghilm.

Another Electric wall hit Spear. At that very moment Ghilm roared " Toxxicum Massacum ".

Spear's Body blew up.

King Spear was dead.

"Damn You" shouted Zed throwing his Spear.

Another Magikill came out of nowhere grabbed Ghilm and vanished.

The next moment he was standing behind him.

The Magikill was Kelvin.

"Magnest" Kelvin shouted. All the armour of the Speartons, Bows of the Archidons, Staffs and Hats of the Magikill vanished to thin air.

"Redust" Ghilm bellowed. 

All the Swordwrath in the room (approximately 1200) turned to red and started attacking us.

"You might want to come outside you know" Kelvin said and vanished.


.....For we are the Magikill and this day we summoun


And we take it all back.

The Rebellion had begun.

Continution: Post Rebellion stories.