This is a page in first person view of the first Albowtross.


Hi. My name is Will and I was the first albowtross. At first I was really a Archidon but later became an Albowtross when I got my wings and crossbow. When the Order Empire defeated the Eclipsors and copied their technique some we were able to make a flying unit. I was the first to sign up. We all had to take a class. The Magikill told us how the wings worked and presented me with the machine. Then an Archidon came up to me and presented a crossbow. He told me how to use it and I was able to get it to light on fire. When I was flying it was fun and scary you could touch the sky and do what a lot of people wanted to do.

My first battleEdit

While I was flying in the skies I saw some eclipsors and the eclipsors saw me too. I loaded my crossbow, amed and pulled the trigger.

my bolt flew through the air piercing his head. The eclipsor vanished. It was my first kill. The other eclipsors saw this and fleed. I saw speartons, swordwrath and archidons rush past below me. A dead came out of the castle and threw a liver at my partner. It mised him but got his wings. It jamemd the wings and my partner fell with a splat. I fired a bolt with the tip red hot buring so intensly it could cook a frozen corpse and killed that dead.

In the distance i saw the chaos statuse crumbleing. We had won. After we had a funeral for our friend we celebrated a party and continued to medusa's castle.

Fight at Medusa's Castle.Edit

I came out of the gates. In the distace saw the enemy approch us. They attacked. Giants slamed bodys and clubs at us, gut flew towards us, Juggerknight sliced up men, and the marrowkai used fists smash anything in its path, but also bolders were flung towards them, arrows pierce their flesh, and the magikill used explodsions that thef the enemy in flames. We distroyed their army but we still were ordered to hold our position. We needed a bigger ary to defeat chaos. I saw Giants coming out of the prison, Magikill that came from the mage's guild, archidons and albowtrosses rushing out of the archery range, merics from the temple and speartons and swordwrath form the barracks. We had a near unstoppible army and attacked. Chaos also attacked. Marrowkai summoned reapers and used hellfist to smash the archidons, our Magikill electricted juggerknights and poisoned the giants. Our giants flung their boulders at the enemy giants as they slamed dead giants on the ground. Archers and albowtrosses shot arrows that piereced deads and merics healed injured units back to health. We attacked the statue. Then suddenly queen Medusa came out. I approched her and started to shoot her with flaming bolts. Then I looked back. Brave soldiers became stone but i was still alive. She must of not seen me. I fleed and she chased me. I thought I was about to die but then a boluder stunned her. The survivors were attacking her. I had to help and finaly we killed her. She blasted into a bunch of green goo.