This is about the Magikill's Change before the conquering and to the Rebellion.

Part 1Edit

During the conquering the Magikill summoned weak minions do do their fighting. They could get a new one when one died and was the one of the only 2 races that could stun before the conquering. When order took over their home lands they started to change. The lead Magikill knew that those minions were weak. Magikill in combat could see minions slaughtered with one stab of a spear. But they saw that their stuns were good so they improved on it. The made a spell that could distroy swarms of archidons but then they noticed that they couldn't stun. Still they kept it knowing  it would be useful. Then another problem was found out. They only had 1 spell since they got rid of the minions. They made the electric wall and finally poison spray. With these new spells they were more powerful. But they needed a new way to cast it since the old way was to long so they did a movement which was like throwing their staffs but still held on to it. When the tested it out it all worked fine until they needed for thir spells to recharge. Even though they didn't need to fight much they needed a way to fight back when the spells are recahrging. They made a downsized blast spell which didn't need much time but had a low damage.

When Order started to take back their land the magikill was the last single type of rebel before the rebels united. They proved to be harder to defead but they were still defeated.

chaos declares warEdit

One day when order had enslaved a giant and meet medusa the magikill leader decided that they should unite and defeat the chaos army. The Magikill walked to the front as the leader of the rebellion and said that if they don't unit then chaos will take over immorta and finally joins the order empire. Order could now defeat Chaos

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