This idea was provided by Binary10101ERROR.

Siege Fighting

Siege fighting is the process of camping beside the central pillar so it will continously spawn ghosts, which will slowly weaken your opponent until you decide to attack. With this strategy, you may attempt to create any unit from the start--whichever you think best for rushing the enemy. Attempt to keep them there as long as possible. Should the opponent spawn swordswrath in an attempt to stop you, use your swordsrath act a a meat shield so your archer can end the resistance. However, if your opponent is smart enough to attack your archer instead, you should start making your archer run around so he won't get hit while the swordswrath finishes them off. Once you have managed to secure your position, begin bolstering it. Add more archers, so you can hold off any early attacks. Have a miner or two there to repair any broken fortifications. With this step compete, attempt to aquire tower spawn and tower spawn two.